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An OEM branded post-accident experience driving brand loyalty


 Auto OEMs now have the opportunity to seize control of the post-accident experience,

monetize & deliver a standardised premium customer experience with axitech.


 Crash Advisor - A full ‘Claims Triage’

  • Branded post accident journey - accident concierge services embedded into existing e-call service.

  • Take control of a data rich eFNOL experience, giving your customers a signposted, frictionless experience when they need it most.

  • Easy and automated submission of claim to customer's insurer, reducing claims lifecycle.

  • Enriched Crash Data set to generate insight for engineering & after-sales optimisation.


 Crash Resolver - post accident ‘Service Centre’

• Optimizes repairs back into OEM approved collision

repair network

• Tailors process to user’s insurance policy coverage

• Collaboration with Insurance carriers - user served

in partnership

• Opportunities for brand-for-brand replacement hire

experience, preventing leakage

• Drives savings and unlocks significant revenue



Creates a new revenue stream for supplying the data to axitech giving an ROI on their connected car and data monetisation strategies

•64% of drivers who use a different brand replacement hire after a crash, choose that brand as their next purchase.

•For Insurers who lose the First Notification of Loss (FNOL) race, overall incident costs can be inflated by as much as 965% - potentially lucrative monetisation avenue.

•Fleet reporting of FNOL within the first hour is often 0% A digitised experience has been proven in the fleet market to radically improve the capture of valid incident data.

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