Self-Service claims made easy




An accident occurs and you need immediate help, but are unable to obtain emergency services support and appropriate roadside assistance

The process of gathering accident data and resolving your claim is difficult, confusing and time consuming


Looking after you, and yours

We automatically detect your accident and transmit precise location and other critical details in real time to a first responder. We verify whether you and your passengers require emergency assistance based upon the severity of your accident, and if you do, we connect you directly to 911 

In the event that you are unable to respond, your emergency contacts are notified, allowing them to connect to the closest 911 centre on your behalf


Claims made easy

axiapp enables you to easily gather data relating to your accident, guiding you through each step you need to take to collect and exchange required information in minutes. If you choose to make an insurance claim you can submit the information accurately and efficiently  

What happened? - answer a few simple questions to establish an accident summary

Damage to your and other vehicle(s) - capture using your camera phone

Swap your details with other driver(s), and collect witness details


Great for Drivers


emergency 911 

Whenever and wherever you need help, we will ensure immediate contact with a first responder to provide emergency assistance


Automated accident concierge

 Automatically connects you to a first response team to enable fast track handling of your claim, getting all your needs attended to and your life back to normal



You are prompted to gather information about the accident, other drivers and witness details, and take photos of vehicle damage. The swapping of details with other parties is easy


Great for Businesses


Safety first functionality for your customers  

The world’s first fully automated emergency response and accident management system embedded into the connected car. Provision of an unrivalled post-accident journey to complement your existing products and services


Transform your business model - plug into your supply chain

Create new revenue streams from the data you collect in a secure and compliant way. Develop new opportunities and maximise the utilisation of your existing supply chains


                   EASY INTEGRATION                                                                               

We provide axiapp as an out of the box solution. However, if you plan on using your own custom application, we can easily integrate our APIs to suit your requirements. All our services work directly with any data source or crash detection device, giving you the flexibility you need to get up and running 


Your privacy is paramount

You totally control what data we hold


You are able to amend your personal information at any time

We only use this data in the event of an accident or emergency

We will share with you any data upon your request


We follow industry leading security practices


What we have planned for the future

Watch this space...