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Automated Crash Detection & Intelligent Accident Management for Connected Cars


When the unthinkable happens, relieve the stress of a motor accident with axitech's innovative technology solutions


Great for Drivers

Automated Emergency Services Dispatch

We automatically detect your accident and immediately transmit precise location and other critical details in real time to a first responder. We decide whether you and your passengers require emergency assistance based upon the severity of your accident, and if you do, we connect you directly to 911/999/112

Crash Advisor

Enables you to easily gather data relating to your accident, guiding you through each step in order to collect and exchange required information in minutes. If you choose to make an insurance claim you can submit the information accurately and efficiently  

Crash Resolver

Compatible with all insurance carriers, immediately see your damage estimate, book the repair shop that's convenient for you and automate the settlement of your claim


Great for Businesses

Auto Manufacturers, Telecoms Operators, Connected Car Companies and Insurers/Fleets benefit from our products

  • Safety first functionality for your customers

  • Transform your business model - plug into your supply chain

  • Easy Integration

axicloud intelligent data enrichment platform is a step change in providing new monetisation models








Your privacy is paramount

You totally control what data we hold


You are able to amend your personal information at any time

We only use this data in the event of an accident or emergency

We will share with you any data upon your request


We follow industry leading security practices